Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Sweet potato gnoochi with chestnuts and sage brown butter sauce

I admit, unapologetically, I am hopelessly addicted to cookbooks, cooking magazines, and cooking shows, etc. Well, I am. I feel the need to stand up in a support group and state my name. Nonetheless, my family must enjoy how easy it is to buy me presents… However, my dark confession is that, while I love reading recipes I very rarely follow them. Instead I merely take inspiration and retrieve a rough outline of requirements prior to my kitchen adventures. The following is one such adventure.

While the outcome was delicious, it did make an extreme amount of gnoochi. If there is sweet potato shortage, it is my fault. So for your and my benefit, the following recipe I adapted from myself. So rather than being able to serve a family of 18, this recipe will serve a family of 4.


2 steamed sweet potatoes
2 cup of flour
1 egg
Good scratch of nutmeg


1. In your preferred mixing container or appliance combine all of the ingredients adding more flour until you have reached a doughy but not sticky consistency.
2. Roll the dough into a ball and divide equally into for pieces.
3. Then, as if you were playing with play-dough, make logs and cut into bite size pieces.
4. Roll those bite sizes pieces on the back side of a fork dipped in flour to create the tiny ridges.
5. Boil a large amount of salted water and gently ease the gnocchi dumplings into their hot-tub. When they float, they are done. Remove with a slotted spoon.


I choose to fry my gnoochi after they are cooked in browned butter until the edges are crispy and browned. For this rendition I also added sage and sliced chestnuts to the butter to create the sauce. Simply shave fresh parmesan for a jaw-dropping, mind blowing, absolutely delicious meal.
As always, much love, many blessings, and happy gnocchi rolling…


Dave said...

The sage is an excellent compliment!

Anonymous said...

I'm impressed, but not suprised, that you make your own pasta. This sounds delicious.