Friday, September 10, 2010

Spinach, Rasberry, Goat Cheese, and Marcona Almond Salad

This is a fresh, light, and delicious salad. There is no dressing, and it is a snap to make. But the flavor profile of the crisp herby spinach, sweet and sour burst of rasberry juice, the creamy salty goat cheese, and the crunchy rich nutty taste of the almonds all sing together in a chorus that resounds of late summer freshness.

This is more of a flavor profile than a recipe but please choose amounts as you need. This amount fed two very greedy people and left more for me to take to lunch the next day.


1 five-ounce bag of washed baby spinach
1/2 pint or 8 ounces of rasberries washed
2-3 ounces of creamy goat cheese about half a small package
1/2 cup of marcona almonds or any almonds you like


1. Lay a bed of spinach in your serving bowel.
2. Pour out the raspberries on top.
3. Crumble the goat cheese in your fingers until you have small nubs to dollop on to the rasberries.
4. Decant your almonds into the middle of the salad
5. Serve and enjoy. This went very well with a light Sauvignon blanc

As always, much love, many blessings, and happy late summer

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