Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Truffled Popcorn with Lemon Sea Salt

I go through food phases, salts, honeys, at the moment, I am emphatically in a popcorn and hot cocoa phase. I have decided to become something of a flavored popcorn expert. It is funny, any time I mention this I seem to either solicit two responses. 1) Looks of bewilderment... i.e. blank stares in titled head as I can hear their internal monologue questions, "don't you have a life, a baby, a full time job, and a company, don't you have better uses for your time?" The second reaction I receive is the obligatory nod and casual comment, "yeah, I like the popcorn that comes in the tins with butter, caramel and cheese flavors."  To those of you who wonder what I do with my life, "Yes, I am a busy working mama, but popcorn is my medium to express my creativity and de-stress. Plus I can't spend all of my time on Pinterest."  And for those of you who talk about popcorn in tins... "go wash off your fake cheesy fingers, we have some cooking to do." 

What you need: 
3 Tablespoons of oil (canola, grape seed, something with a high smoke point)
1/2 cup of popcorn kernels
3 teaspoons of white truffle oil 
zest of one lemon
good quality grey sea salt

What you do: 
1. Over medium heat place a heavy bottomed skillet with a tightly fit lid. 
2. Add the oil and popcorn kernels and let pop (covered, no peaking or you'll get shot)
3. Shake occasionally, once the popcorn has stopped popping or you only hear one every few seconds, take it off the heat. 
4. mix equal parts salt and lemon, how much salt will depend on how big your lemon is, but lets say a tablespoon or two
5. Decant 1/3 into your vessel of choice, add a teaspoon of white truffle oil drizzle, and 1/3 of the salt and zest mixture. Layer your flavors and popcorn for even distribution. Mix as well as possible. 
6. Eat while still warm preferably with good hot cocoa and quality football or a fire. 

Lots of love, many blessings, and happy popping!

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